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Independent guide tour in the basque country

An inveterate traveller, Phil has lived in Euskal Herria for over fifteen years. His knowledge and passion for this country is profound. He understands the subtler aspects of this culture and what the discerning traveller is looking for. He acts as a bridge between cultures ensuring that you extract the maximum from your time in The Basque Country

About us

Bizipozatours was founded in 2009 by Phil Miller.  My aim is to sustain cultural diversity by promoting the “wee” countries through a philosophy of sustainable tourism.  By “sustainable tourism” I refer to the notion of connecting visitors to an authentic experience of Basque culture.  I collaborate with local small-businesses, and promote interest in and thereby maintain local culture and traditions.  These tours involve a minimum of drive time and wherever possible I collaborate with accommodation providers interested in sustainable energy.  For example the agroturismo Guikuri is carbon neutral resourcing most of its energy needs through geothermal energy.

Phil was born in Edinburgh.  He is a biologist by training and was awarded a Ph.D from the University of Aberdeen 1993.  Through his passion for mountaineering he has travelled to many remote parts of the world.  He has lived, travelled and worked in Arctic Norway, the alps, Peru, Bolivia, Zimbabwe and Portugal.  In 1999 he fell in love with Euskal Herria and has lived there ever since.  He remains a passionate biologist, and lives in the small village of Elorza where he manages an organic garden, keeps bees and is the owner of a donkey called Momo.

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A journey with donkeys

Thanks to “airbnb” I enjoy a steady current of itinerant travellers who stop for a while in my house and tell me their tales of travel and adventure. I get all sorts of folk, from all corners of the globe. Solo, couple and families with kids. They are all without exception, good people. They almost […]

Becoming a donkey owner

  Me and Mr Momo I live in a place where believe it or not, donkeys frequently crop up in conversations. People in bars talk of donkeys seeking homes much as folk in other parts try to find homes for litters of kittens. In this way some friends who live in a nearby village got […]